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Mutually Beneficial Alliances

Our expertise and unique insight have enabled us to forge long-term partnerships to manage car parks for a diverse range of businesses including hotels, hospitals, retail and commercial complexes and offices.

If you are looking for a partner to manage your car park facilities and to improve revenues,

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Tailored To Your Needs

Car park space has the potential to generate a substantial portion of revenue within the context of the overall yield for a given property. Factors such as size, location, access, architecture and the nature of businesses operating within the property all have an impact on car park operations.

Our experience tells us that in order to be effective, car park management must be precisely tailored to the specific and unique circumstances faced by each property owner.

Our experience also shows that the financial returns from a car park site are very much based on building solid long –term relationships between the property owner and the management company.

At SCP Parking, being owner of car park sites ourselves, we deeply understand the needs of car park owners. We make a serious effort to meet your requirements and offer tailor-made proposals that will:


& Accountability

Seasonal Customer

At SCP Parking, we are committed to transparency and accountability to maximise revenue for our business partners. To achieve this, we leave nothing to chance and adopt advanced technology to restrict pilferage and enhance operations at our car parks.

“Season” customers – who pay monthly or quarterly fees - are tracked using our proprietary, real-time Management Audit Tracking System (MATS). MATS tracks cash collection, analyzes traffic activity, collection patterns and vehicle movement.

Revenue from “Visitor” customers - who pay hourly or flat-rate fees –is recorded via a central monitoring system (CMS). All information is available to client upon request. In addition, our audit team conducts on-site inspections at all our car parks regularly to ensure that stringent standard operating procedures (SOP) are observed at all times.

Quality and Value Added

A well operated car park with clear signage, good lighting and well-planned traffic flow will add real and perceived value to your property / business.

As part of management role, we provide you with recommendations on:

  • Developing a well-planned and efficient traffic flow
  • Measures to improve and colour code signage
  • Improving site cleanliness and lighting to enhance the image of the site
  • Selection and purchase of suitable car park access control system
  • Selection and installation of an integrated CCTV and Control Centre systems and equipment.
  • Employment and training of suitable staff to manage and operate the car park.

A vital key to the success of car park management operations is the ability to deliver day-to-day operational excellence. We have in place our standard operating procedures and undertake regular quality initiatives to ensure that all our car park sites meet very high operational standards, and nothing less.

Committed To Success

At SCP Parking, we are committed to a long-term, mutually beneficial and successful relationship between you and us.

The car parking industry is highly dependent on the state of the general economy. The performance of individual car park sites is also influenced by factors such as traffic condition, the prices of cars and fuel as well as the availability of public transport in a particular location. These factors also effect the public’s decision on how they go to work, shop and do business.

We are closely in touch with the changing environment in which the car parking industry operates. We work continuously with property owners and management companies to strike the right balance between providing quality customer service and optimizing revenue. This is critical as we believe that your success is invariably linked to ours.


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Meet your customers' expectations and optimise your relationship with them.
Improve the financial returns from your car parking operations. We have a proven track record in this area to support our expertise.
Offer you a wide and flexible range of business proposals, varying from acquisition to leasing and from fixed rental to profit sharing/performance-based incentives.
Enable you to keep abreast of the latest global developments in the car parking industry as we are a member of the International Parking Institute ("IPI")